I am Reeda E Fatema

Expert Designer

Since starting my career as a freelance designer in the area eight years ago, I’ve worked remotely for agencies, provided print and digital graphic services, and worked with exceptional individuals to create graphic products.


A collection of services that contribute to the creation of your business brand

Attractive, High-Quality, and Creative Graphic Design



Graphic design services can include a wide range of design-related activities, including creating logos, designing marketing materials, creating book layouts, Print materials and more. These services are typically offered by graphic designers, design agencies, or in-house design teams.

When looking for a graphic design service, it’s important to consider factors such as the designer’s portfolio, their experience and skill level, their communication skills, and their pricing structure. You may also want to consider the turnaround time for your project and whether the designer is able to meet your specific needs and preferences.



Donna Schwontkowski -

Million Dollar Memory, Inc

"We had a tough deadline and Reeda stuck it out. She worked on the project every waking hour and showed her dedication. We had a previous design that was really stale and had no life to it, and she gave it life. Now this book looks like an artistic piece of work. Reeda has been an incredible asset to our team. Reeda went above and beyond our expectations and the extra she did will help me determine better what our market wants. I had to give her a bonus for her work. She's a recommended graphic designer on our team."

Judith & Lloyd Barran -

Essence of Cleopatra Aromatherapy

"I have to say that Reeda is the BEST designer I have ever worked with. She is one of the select few who can take your character, your goals, and your company and translate them into a design. She is so imaginative, patient, kind, and generous; it amazes me. She will go above and beyond for you and is ready to ensure that your brand identity, graphic work and extras are exactly as you want them to be. She is punctual, diligent, and ready to go above and beyond. She is an individual who genuinely cares.  I've worked with other designers before, but she's the best, so I'll keep going back to her for all of my design requirements. It would be a 100 out of 10 rating, if I could. Absolutely fantastic value, worth every single penny."
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